AtLAS Cineworld Voucher Offer 2020

Yes – they’re back again for 2020!

A little more expensive than before, but our last batch of vouchers were bought nearly two years ago. Nevertheless we’re still able to offer a 45% discount for AtLAS members and a 35% discount for other Adastral Park people – that’s versus the peak ‘walk-in’ prices at Cineworld Ipswich (approximately). Do remember though – you can use these vouchers at any Cineworld cinema in the UK or RoI, except for London Leicester Square; that includes cinemas with higher prices than Ipswich!

The vouchers are valid until 1 November 2020.

Adult Vouchers
      • AtLAS Members – £5.60
      • Other Adastral Park People – £6.65
Child Vouchers
      • AtLAS Members – £4.30
      • Other Adastral Park People – £5.00

You’ll be able to buy up to 10 Adult vouchers and 5 Child vouchers for the duration of ths offer. The overall number of vouchers are strictly limited.