AtLAS Needs You – our next Vice Chairman?

Could you contribute to Adastral Park life as our next Vice Chairman?

AtLAS is the umbrella organisation for Adastral Park clubs and societies and manages the on-site sporting facilities. It’s run by a volunteer Executive Committee, currently:

  • Chairman – Carl Chittock
  • Vice Chairman – Ian Read
  • Treasurer – Steve Willett

We’re assisted by our AtLAS Administrator, Darren Barnes.

Ian has been part of the committee since 2012, firstly as Treasurer and then Vice Chairman. He left BT in 2019 and has now decided to focus his Adastral Park volunteer effort on AP’s heritage. So we’re looking for someone to take over the Vice Chairman role. Ian has focused on marketing, publicity and communications as Vice Chairman, including:

  • Developing and maintaining the AtLAS website ( – using WordPress
  • Producing the AtLAS News newsletter for members
  • Contributing to the site-wide Adastral Park newsletter
  • Managing the periodic Cineworld voucher offers
  • Managing data privacy policy/communications

Ideally then you’d have the aptitude and enthusiasm to manage these areas and to look at developing them further (for instance, integrating the AtLAS website and the facilities booking website). As a committee member, you’ll have the chance to influence the future direction of AtLAS and the on-site facilities overall.

You can find out more about AtLAS and how it’s run on the Organisation page.

Interested in helping the Adastral Park community?

Please contact Chairman, Carl Chittock in the first instance, via our contact form (select Message For: AtLAS Chairman).