AtLAS News: Reopening, Vice Chairman & AGM

  • AtLAS Facilities Reopening – the next phase
  • AtLAS Needs You – our next Vice Chairman?
  • AtLAS Annual General Meeting 2021
  • Mailing Preferences

AnchorAtLAS Facilities Reopening – the next phase

We’re pleased to announce the progressive reopening of AtLAS Facilities at Adastral Park.

From Tuesday 31 August – we’re:

  • Extending the Bodytalk Gym opening hours. The Gym will open at 07:00* and close at 19:15, Monday to Friday, with limited use of the Gym showers and toilets – no lockers or changing before using the Gym.
    (* = exceptionally and by prior arrangement from 06:45)
  • Opening the Tennis Courts for longer – with the last bookable session now being from 18:30 – 19:30.
  • Reopening the Sports Hall, though limiting use to clubs bookings for ‘static’ activities only – no ‘ball sports’ and/or individual bookings for now. The showers are not available.
  • Reintroducing ‘leisure’ site security passes, for non-employees using the reopened facilities regularly.


  • We’re still following the general ‘COVID-19’ rules and procedures, set out in earlier emails.
  • Leisure Pass: You need to contact us – via the link below, to request a leisure pass. You can then collect your pass from the next working day, by visiting Adastral Park Reception during normal opening hours.

We’re aiming to reopen the outside Hard Court shortly. However, it needs some remedial work on the playing surface first.

The AtLAS Clubhouse will remain closed for now, due to the difficulties in complying with ventilation requirements.

Please make sure you follow the rules and requirements below:

  • You’ll need to book the gym and the other facilities via If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to reactivate your AtLAS membership to book. To do this, contact us – via the link below.
  • The Sports Hall will be open for ‘static’ activities only and for established AtLAS clubs only (e.g. yoga, pilates, keep fit, etc.), for a maximum of 12 people. ‘Ball’ sports (including badminton) are not allowed for now. Clubs should contact us – via the link below – to rebook their regular slot(s).
  • If any participants need a one-day visitor pass, you must send a request for this/these to AtLAS by 14:00 on the day before the booking – via the link below.
  • For bookings where multiple people are taking part, a list of those who are attending must be sent to AtLAS by 14:00 on the day before the activitiy – via the link below (by whoever made the booking).

Contacting AtLAS: Please contact Darren Barnes, our AtLAS Administrator – via the AtLAS Website Contact Form (select Message For: “AtLAS Administrator” option) for all the above requests and notifications.

AnchorAtLAS Needs You – our next Vice Chairman?

We’re looking for a new Vice Chairman. It’s your chance to give back to the Adastral Park Community, interact with senior managers and influence the future of leisure and sports at Adastral Park!

If you’re employed at Adastral Park, you may have seen the campaign recently started by the site management team across a number of internal media platforms, to help us recruit a new Vice Chairman.

Alternatively, if you’re an ex-employee or retiree, you can check out the news stories on the AtAdastral and AtLASwebsites for more details.

Please think about volunteering, to help shape the Adastral Park leisure and sports landscape.

Interested? Please contact Carl Chittock via our online Contact Form (select Message For: “AtLAS Chairman”).

AnchorAtLAS Annual General Meeting 2021

This is your formal member notification that the AtLAS AGM for 2021 will take place from 12:30 – 13:30, Monday 27 September, via Microsoft Teams (video meeting) – link below.

AtLAS AGMs are normally attended mainly by AtLAS club and society representatives, however any AtLAS member is entitled and welcome to attend. Since there are still only a limited number of people working at Adastral Park, the AGM will be again held online only, using Microsoft Teams. There’ll be no physical meeting.

Please click on this link to attend:
Join AtLAS 2021 AGM (at 12:30 Monday 27 September 2021) 

After clicking the link you can open Microsoft Teams in a browser window, if you have a Microsoft account. You may need to give the browser permission to use your webcam video and audio. Alternatively you can download, install and use the Microsoft Teams application. Windows and MacOS downloads are here. You can download Microsoft Teams for Android from the Google Play App Store and for Apple iOS/iPadOS from the App Store. If you work for BT you should already have Teams installed on your work PC.

We’ll be seeking AGM approval to add back in a clause accidentally removed from the most recent version of the AtLAS Constitution. It relates to any surplus funds from any Affiliated club that is wound-up reverting to AtLAS. We’ll also be looking to amend to the constitution to state that IM company ex-employees will only be able to continue as ‘Friends & Family’ members. This is a BT site management requirement recently placed on AtLAS.

If there’s anything substantial you’d like to see on the agenda or raised on your behalf, please let us know by 2 September (at least 21 days before the meeting) – via Darren Barnes, our AtLAS Administrator, using our online Contact Form (Select Message For: “AtLAS Administrator”).

The papers for the AGM (agenda, last year’s AGM minutes, etc.) will be available here from 13 September at the latest (at least 10 days before the meeting).

AtLAS AGM 2020 Minutes and Accounts 

AnchorUpdate your mailing preferences?

When GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) were introduced in 2018, we asked you if you just wanted to receive administrative information from us or if you were also interested in receiving ‘promotional’ emails about AtLAS events or member offers. If you didn’t click on the voting buttons in the email we sent you, we had to assume you only wanted to see administrative emails. Perhaps you’d like to change your mind now. If so, please contact us via our online Contact Form (select Message For: “Data Privacy” option).