AtLAS Website Rebuild

Following some unscheduled time offline, the AtLAS website was relaunched towards the end of November 2019.

The rebuilt website has most of the previous features plus a new ‘fresher’ look.

Why did we do this?

  • The previous website became badly infected with malware towards the end of September 2019. It made the site near unusable and potentially insecure, despite attempts to ‘clean’ the site.
  • We took a quick decision to close the old website and rebuild the site, using a new web hosting provider who offered extra security features, better performance and improved support. Importantly, our new provider runs a daily malware scan, to minimise the chance of any future attack/infection.

Why did the rebuild take several weeks?

  • The website was built and is maintained with voluntary effort. It took some while to recreate the structure, content and features of the previous website.
  • Also all of the content was checked and updated, to make sure it was still accurate and the layout optimised. All email addresses previously shown have been replaced with custom contact forms, to protect people’s work/personal emails accounts from spam/misuse.

And now?

  • The website runs a lot faster; one of the benefits from the new hosting provider!
  • We decided to ask users to re-register for the rebuilt site (e.g. to use the Guest Pass form, order Cineworld vouchers, etc.) for security reasons.

We’re sorry for the weeks ‘off the air’ and any inconvenience, also for the need to re-register. Hopefully you will agree we now have brighter and better website though. Your feedback and suggestions for further improvements are always welcome – via our Contact Form (select Message For: ‘Website Feedback’).