Bodytalk Gym and AtLAS Sports & Leisure Facilities Update

recently sent to the following update to all AtLAS members:

Our apologies for the delay in issuing this update. We were hoping to have a firm decision and direction by now; for this reason we’ve held off getting in touch. We understand, of course, that many of you are keen to resume your AtLAS sports and leisure activities.

BT’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has not yet authorised the re-opening of workplace gyms. However we’re in discussions with him, to see if he will change this position for the Bodytalk Gym at Adastral Park – a large and supervised facility, unlike some BT workplace gyms. We’ve been doing a lot of work to make sure the Gym is COVID-19 compliant, including making sure the equipment can be used whilst maintaining social distancing. We’ve completed an extensive risk assessment that demonstrates our compliance. This is being presented to the CMO shortly and we’re hoping for a positive outcome.

Once a decision has been made regarding the Gym, we should have a greater insight into the requirements and the possibility of opening the other (self-booked) leisure facilities at Adastral Park. e.g. Snooker, Table Tennis, Tennis Courts, Sports Hall etc.

Unfortunately we can’t say any more at this stage, We appreciate this is very frustrating for our members. We are working extremely hard to gain senior stakeholders approval. AtLAS membership fees will remain suspended for now.