Bodytalk Gym Reopening

UPDATED: 12 October 2020

We’re very pleased to announce we have reopened the Bodytalk Gym following an agreed phased plan approved by BT’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO):

  • Phase One – All Adastral Park employees have been able to access the site to use the gym from Monday 7 September 2020. Note: To work in an office on site you still require your Line Manager approval.
  • Phase Two – All other BodyTalk Gym members  (i.e. employees = Friends & Family and retired) are now able to access Adastral Park and begin using the Gym – from Monday 12 October. There are strict site access rules and procedures in place. You MUST read this specific guidance for non-employees – including the linked documents before visiting the gym. You should have already received a similar email if this applies to you.

As you’d expect, things are going to be different when you return to the Gym. In brief:

  • You’ll need to book a timeslot to work out:
    • Register on the AtLAS Booking website (NOT the site), if you’re not already registered (
    • There’ll be:
      • No access without a booking
      • Maximum of 20 slots per session
      • Phased opening times
  • Your Membership Payments:
    • We’ll be restarting Silver (gym) member monthly payments for those members returning to the Gym; this will allow you to use the AtLAS Booking website.
    • There’ll be no more cash payments in the Gym. There’ll be an option to pay by (contactless) credit/debit card instead.
  • There are new Gym rules/procedures – to keep everyone safe (‘COVID-19 secure’). You must comply with these. These include:
    • Gym inductions/instructions on the new procedures.
    • No changing and shower facilities at the Gym for now.
    • No sweat towels allowed; but please bring a water bottle.
    • You’ll need clean the equipment before and after use (there’ll be cleaning stations around the gym for this).
    • One-way systems and social distancing in place.

Further details are in this document. Please read it carefully.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Gym. Please be respectful and patient with the Gym team, who are there to help and guide everyone to follow the rules and procedures, so the Gym can reopen and stay open safely.

Other AtLAS facilities at Adastral Park remain closed for now. We are still working closely with BT’s CMO and Health & Safety, to hopefully be able to open at least some of the facilities shortly.