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The club runs regular Yoga & Pilates classes for people who work at Adastral Park or who are otherwise eligible for ATLAS membership.

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Club Times

12:00 – 12:40 & 12:45 – 13:25

Fridays: 12:00 – 12:40

12:00 – 13:00 

About Us

About Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and designed to strengthen and maintain the body’s core muscles and improve posture. It builds and maintains the fine control muscles, which are very important as you get older.

Three classes are offered per week. Each one is suitable for all levels. The classes each last for 40 minutes.

Newcomers: When a space becomes available, newcomers are welcome to trial one session for free before deciding to pay for the remainder of the course

About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient method of keeping healthy by means of a variety of exercises, postures, breathing control and focussed relaxation. It has an instant feel-good effect – a looser, freer body, a sense of ease and calm, more energy and improved resistance to illness. The postures and sequences (asanas) work on all the major muscles, joints, glands and organs of the body. They bring strength to weak spots and softness to tight spots. A stiff body is no excuse not to start.

The Yoga classes have been restarted on site, after being stopped due to Covid. One class is offered, each week on a Wednesday, suitable for all levels. The classes each last 1 hour.

Pilates & Yoga classes are held in the Gym Studio.

Pilates: Mondays & Fridays
Yoga: Wednesdays

Changing rooms and shower facilities are available at the Gym.
Class times shown in “Club Times” section

For classes that are held within the Gym Studio, which is accessed through the gym. It is essential that you wear proper footwear to walk through the gym. Once inside the Gym Studio you are welcome to remove your shoes for the duration of the class.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows a large degree of movement.

For Pilates, mats are provided unless you wish to use your own.

For Yoga, please bring your own yoga mat. These are often available at Tesco, TK Maxx and online. 

  • Allow at least an hour after eating before practising.
  • Pace yourself.
  • Always ask if something doesn’t feel right.
  • Always work to your own level.
  • Never compare your ability and flexibility to others. Everyone is different.
  • Try to link movements to your breathing. This will become more natural the more you practice.


Pilates classes are currently £6 per session, but paid for in a bundle of between 10 -15 weeks i.e. we request £72 to be transferred to attend a 12 week course of lessons. 

Yoga classes are currently £5 per session, but paid for in a bundle of between 10 – 15 weeks i.e. we request £48 to be transferred to attend a 12 week course of lessons.

Participants in the club’s Yoga and Pilates classes should be either full or temporary members of ATLAS. Arrangements are available for students and those on site temporarily. Eligibility is primarily people who work at Adastral Park (any company) or those who work for BT in the local area. Full details are available here or from reception in the BodyTalk Gym.


Katherine Sparrow

Yoga Contact

Alistair Smith

Pilates Contact

Tim Love

Chair Person