IMPORTANT: AtLAS Data Privacy Update

The UK and EU laws on collecting and storing personal data changed on 25 May 2018, headlined as ‘GDPR’ – the General Data Protection Regulations. We’ve always followed good data privacy practice, however we now have be more formal and rigorous about how we collect and use your personal data.

If you’re an AtLAS member most of your personal data we hold was collected when you joined AtLAS. It’s needed for us to administer your membership. In GDPR-speak we’re holding it on a ‘legitimate interest’ basis. This means we won’t be able to run your membership effectively without it. If you object to us holding it we may not be able to continue your membership.

However we do need your active ‘consent’ to continue to send ‘marketing’ information. e.g. for offers like the Cineworld Vouchers included in our Newsletters and other emails. If you don’t consent, we’ll only be able to send you basic information about AtLAS in future (e.g. AGM Notices, about your membership) – no offers or opportunities. IMPORTANT: We do not and will not share your personal data with third-party businesses or organisations for marketing.

We’ve produced a Privacy Notice. It explains in detail:

  • What personal data we may collect from you;
  • How/where we collect it;
  • What we use it for;
  • About marketing, disclosure, international transfer and how long we keep your personal data for and;
  • Your rights in relation to the personal data we hold on you.

Our personal data policy may evolve. If so the Privacy Notice will change accordingly. We’ll notify you of any significant changes.

AtLAS Affiliated and Associated clubs and societies are separate organisations, with their own officers and constitutions. They’ll need to comply with the GDPR individually. However we intend to send them guidance.

Any queries or concerns?

Please get in touch via our Contact Form. Please select “Data Privacy” in the Message For field.

Updated November 2019