If you’re not already a member …


  1. (Recommended) Check out Subscriptions, Eligibility and Guests/Access below first.
  2. View/Download the membership form here:
  3. Take or post your completed form to:
    AtLAS Membership
    c/o BodyTalk Gym
    Room G34, Aquarius Building
    Adastral Park
    Martlesham Heath

Subscriptions & Benefits

ATLAS Bronze/Bronze Associate/Friends & Family Bronze subscription
– (£2 per month)

You can:

  • join individual AtLAS clubs and societies (individual club and societies fees also normally apply)
  • book the Adastral Park Sports Hall and Tennis Courts (subject to availability)
  • take part in AtLAS arranged activities (additional fees may apply)
  • play in AtLAS organised sports leagues and tournaments. e.g. squash, badminton, football, tennis and cricket

AtLAS Silver/Silver Associate subscription
– (£11 per month)

As Bronze subscription plus:

  • BodyTalk Gym membership
    • including gym organised sports coaching and training

AtLAS Friends & Family Silver subscription
– (£15 per month)

As Bronze subscription plus:

  • BodyTalk Gym membership
    • including gym organised sports coaching and training

Guest Fees
– (£12 per year)

  • payable by non-members within individual AtLAS sports clubs (at the club’s discretion)


If you work for a company currently based at Adastral Park, you can join (AtLAS).

You’re eligible for AtLAS Full Membership if you are:

  • A permanent employee of a current Adastral Park based company.
    • also if you’re an employees of that company at another location.
  • An ex-employee of BT. (IM company ex-employees are required to change to F&F membership to be able to continue their membership.)
    • providing you
      1. were a full member of AtLAS before you left and have continued to pay your membership.
      2. are applying for membership within 6 months of leaving employment with BT.

You’re eligible for AtLAS Associate Membership if you are:

  • A temporary employee of  a current Adastral Park based company.

Your friends and family are eligible for AtLAS Friends & Family Membership as long as they are:

  • Friends and family of AtLAS Full Members
    • Every Full Member can have up to 3 Friends and Family members associated to them.
    • Friends and Family BodyTalk Gym members pay a small amount more per month, but it’s still great value for money.


If you’re a Full Member who is a permanent employee of current Adastral Park based companies or a permitted ex-employee/retiree (if you have continued your AtLAS membership), you may invite Guests onto designated areas of Adastral Park, by arrangement with both Adastral Park Main Reception and the individual Club or Society if that applies. Access to Adastral Park is restricted to certain times and locations depending on level of Membership.

  • You can only make requests for site passes and collect them during Reception opening hours; Mon – Fri, 7.30am – 5pm.  No site access will be permitted if the correct site passes have not been issued/collected. You can contact Adastral Park Main Reception on (01473) 642022.
  • To apply for guest passes for individually booked activities use the online Guest Pass Request Form. Full details are on the form page.
  • The original Guest Pass Form (Word document to send to Reception as an email attachment) is here:
    Please only use as a fall-back option.

If you are taking part in an organised club activity or event, your club may have individual arrangements and permissions agreed with Adastral Park site management. Please check.

Adastral Park Site Map

The Details

Further details of AtLAS in operation, its memberships, subscriptions and fees are on the Organisation page, including the AtLAS constitution.