Meet the new AtLAS Communications Officer

Ellie Phillips Comms Officer

Hello! My name is Ellie Phillips. I am going to be joining the Atlas committee as the new Communications Officer.

I have worked at BT for 9 years, after joining as an apprentice, and when I saw the advert for this role, I thought it sounded right up my street. Within the team I work in (Network Test), I often send out emails for volunteering opportunities or raising money for various charities.

I regularly attend the Adastral Fitness circuit training classes on Mondays and Thursdays. These classes push me to do exercises that I would never do if I went to the gym by myself. I have met new people and learnt new exercises and stretches which help to refresh me for the afternoon!

One good thing that I gained from the lockdown is running. Some people might say that’s not a good thing but I had the time to take on the Couch to 5K app. Ever since then, I have tried to maintain the ability to run 5K or even more without being too exhausted. I have taken part in running events, such as the Colchester Zoo 10km Stampede and the Boss Hog obstacle event.

These group events along with group running, have helped me stay as motivated as possible when it comes to running. It is hard sometimes, very very difficult sometimes, but it does feel good when you’ve finished a run! I use multiple methods to encourage myself with running, whether that be buying myself colourful running clothes, listening to a podcast or promising myself a nice bar of chocolate when I get back. I am determined to keep running in the future, even though I won’t be the fastest and I won’t be running any marathons!

I enjoy being involved in extra activities that work offer us and I hope I can make the comms interesting and engaging for you all; my goals for this role are:

  • Informing you of upcoming events
  • describing the on site clubs and sharing articles around sports and exercise
  • promoting exercise and different hobbies to everyone

Personally, I hope to become more motivated in my own exercise regime and maybe try some new clubs myself.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to message me.