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    AtLAS AGM 2020 - 23 September

    AtLAS Annual General Meeting 2020

    The AtLAS AGM for 2020 will take place from 12:00 - 13:00, Wednesday 23 September, via Microsoft Teams (video meeting).

    AtLAS AGMs are normally attended mainly by AtLAS club and society representatives, however any AtLAS member is entitled and welcome to attend. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the limited number of people working at Adastral Park, the AGM will be held using Microsoft Teams only; there will be no physical meeting.

    Please click on this link to attend:
    Join AtLAS 2020 AGM (at 12:00 23 September 2020) 

    After clicking the link you can open Microsoft Teams in a browser windows. You may need to give the browser permission to use your webcam video and audio. Alternatively you can download, install and use the Microsoft Teams application. Windows and MacOS downloads are here. You can download Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS/iPadOS devices from their 'app stores'. Outside BT you will join as a BT plc Guest.

    Please contact Darren Barnes, AtLAS Administrator, with any queries - via the AtLAS Website Contact Form (FAO "AtLAS Administrator").

    The Agenda and last year's AGM Minutes for the AGM are available here.

    Please note:

    Vice Chairman: Ian Read intends to resign as AtLAS Vice Chairman at the AGM, after over eight years serving on the Executive Committee. At the time of writing AtLAS is still looking for a replacement; someone willing to volunteer their time and skills to help the Adastral Park Community. Could this be you? More Details.

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    Bodytalk Gym Phased Reopening

    If you're an AtLAS Silver (gym included) member you should have already had a personal email from the Bodytalk Gym committee / Pro Fitness with similar details.

    We're very pleased to announce we have received the approval from BT’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) to reopen the Bodytalk Gym, following an agreed phased plan:

    • Phase One – All Adastral Park employees will be able to access the site to use the gym from Monday 7 September 2020. Note: To work in an office on site you still require your Line Manager approval.
    • Phase Two – All other BodyTalk Gym members  (Friends & Family and retired) will be able to access Adastral Park and begin using the Gym in due course - hopefully within a month, but this is dependent on the success of Phase One.

    As you'd expect, things are going to be different when you return to the Gym. In brief:

    • You'll need to book a timeslot to work out:
      • Register on the AtLAS Booking website, if you're not already registered (
      • There'll be:
        • No access without a booking
        • Maximum of 20 slots per session
        • Phased opening times
    • Your Membership Payments:
      • We'll be restarting Silver (gym) member monthly payments; this will allow you to use the AtLAS Booking website.
      • If you're not coming back to site/won't be visiting the Gym just yet, please reply to the email we sent you confirming you want your monthly payments to stay suspended for now.
      • There'll be no more cash payments in the Gym. There will be an option to pay by (contactless) credit/debit card instead.
    • There are new Gym rules/procedures - to keep everyone safe ('COVID-19 secure'). You must comply with these. There'll be:
      • Gym inductions/instructions on the new procedures.
      • No changing and shower facilities at the Gym for now.
      • No sweat towels allowed; but please bring a water bottle.
      • You'll need clean the equipment before and after use (there'll be cleaning stations around the gym for this).
      • One-way systems and social distancing in place.

    Further details are in this document. Please read it carefully.

    We look forward to welcoming you back to the Gym. Please be respectful and patient with the Gym team, who are there to help and guide everyone to follow the rules and procedures, so the Gym can reopen and stay open safely.

    Other AtLAS facilities at Adastral Park remain closed for now. We are working closely with BT's CMO and Health & Safety, to hopefully be able to open at least some of the facilities shortly.

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    Bodytalk Gym and AtLAS Sports & Leisure Facilities Update

    recently sent to the following update to all AtLAS members:

    Our apologies for the delay in issuing this update. We were hoping to have a firm decision and direction by now; for this reason we’ve held off getting in touch. We understand, of course, that many of you are keen to resume your AtLAS sports and leisure activities.

    BT’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has not yet authorised the re-opening of workplace gyms. However we’re in discussions with him, to see if he will change this position for the Bodytalk Gym at Adastral Park - a large and supervised facility, unlike some BT workplace gyms. We’ve been doing a lot of work to make sure the Gym is COVID-19 compliant, including making sure the equipment can be used whilst maintaining social distancing. We’ve completed an extensive risk assessment that demonstrates our compliance. This is being presented to the CMO shortly and we’re hoping for a positive outcome.

    Once a decision has been made regarding the Gym, we should have a greater insight into the requirements and the possibility of opening the other (self-booked) leisure facilities at Adastral Park. e.g. Snooker, Table Tennis, Tennis Courts, Sports Hall etc.

    Unfortunately we can’t say any more at this stage, We appreciate this is very frustrating for our members. We are working extremely hard to gain senior stakeholders approval. AtLAS membership fees will remain suspended for now.

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    Ady's 12 hour ride for EACH COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

    What do men do in their sheds? In the case of Adrian Pettitt, AtLAS member and Bodytalk Gym Treasurer - a 12 hour sponsored ride on his indoor trainer bike on Friday 1 May.

    Adrian is raising funds for the East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH) - COVID-19 Emergency Appeal. The EACH charity shops are currently all closed, due to the coronavirus lockdown, so EACH needs your donations more than ever.

    Ady says: "Yes, a 12 hour indoor cycle ride!  Not something I’m particularly looking forward to!  I’ve never done more than 2.5 hours on an indoor trainer before and wouldn’t say that was particularly enjoyable! I appreciate that there are a lot of sponsorship and charity requests at this time but if you can spare anything, all donation are greatly appreciated."


    More details on Adrian's Facebook page (for Facebook friends).

    If you work for BT please 'Like' these articles on:


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    The Bodytalk Gym and the various AtLAS sports and leisure locations at Adastral Park are currently CLOSED to AtLAS Members and their guests, following the Government instructions issued on Friday 20 March.

    The instruction stated all “gyms and leisure centres” were to close with immediate effect, to further minimise social interaction, to combat coronavirus spread. Since then Adastral Park itself has been closed to all but essential workers and the Government's stringent 'lockdown' restrictions on personal movement have been imposed.

    BT Security have been instructed not to admit anyone to Adastral Park to access the gym and other facilities.

    Whilst the Bodytalk Gym and AtLAS facilities at Adastral Park remain closed, we've suspended both ATLAS Bronze and Silver* monthly subscriptions. (* = with Gym). For those paying via;

    • BT salary deduction - unfortunately BT Payroll had already processed deductions for March salaries by Friday 20 March. Further deductions - from April onwards - have been suspended. We'll apply the March deduction as a credit (i.e. a free month) when Bodytalk Gym and other AtLAS operations resume.
    • Direct Debit - deductions were effectively suspended from Friday March 20.


    • Your monthly subscriptions are paid in advance.
    • Your Bodytalk and/or AtLAS membership will continue 'as is'.

    If you have any queries, please either leave a message on 0121 230 7391 or contact us via the AtLAS website Contact Form.

    Please stay safe and well during these challenging times. We hope to welcome you back as soon as we're allowed to do so, though realistically that may be a while yet.

    With best wishes,

    AtLAS Executive Committee and BodyTalk Gym Committee

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    AtLAS Needs You - our next Vice Chairman?

    Could you contribute to Adastral Park life as our next Vice Chairman?

    AtLAS is the umbrella organisation for Adastral Park clubs and societies and manages the on-site sporting facilities. It’s run by a volunteer Executive Committee, currently:
    • Chairman - Carl Chittock
    • Vice Chairman - Ian Read
    • Treasurer - Steve Willett

    We’re assisted by our AtLAS Administrator, Darren Barnes.

    Ian has been part of the committee since 2012, firstly as Treasurer and then Vice Chairman. He left BT last summer and has now decided to focus his Adastral Park volunteer effort on AP’s heritage. So we’re looking for someone to take over the Vice Chairman role. Ian has centred on marketing, publicity and communications as Vice Chairman, including:

    • Developing and maintaining the AtLAS website ( - using WordPress
    • Producing the AtLAS News newsletter for members
    • Contributing to the site-wide Adastral Park newsletter
    • Managing the periodic Cineworld voucher offers
    • Managing data privacy policy/communications

    Ideally then you’d have the aptitude and enthusiasm to manage these areas and to look at developing them further (for instance, integrating the AtLAS website and the facilities booking website). As a committee member, you’ll have the chance to influence the future direction of AtLAS and the on-site facilities overall.

    Interested in helping the Adastral Park community? 

    Please contact Ian in the first instance, via our contact form (select Message For: Vice Chairman).

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    WBC Free Badminton Sessions - Thursday lunchtimes until 27 February

    Woodbridge Badminton Club are an AtLAS Affiliated Club. The club normally plays at Farlingaye School in Woodbridge. However they've organised some special free lunchtime badminton sessions in the Adastral Park Sports Hall every Thursday from 16 January to 27 February inclusive. It's your opportunity to meet the Club on-site and enjoy some lunchtime badminton!

    If you're interested: please contact Dave Johnson in advance - either online or on 07917 023888, with your contact details and the level that you play at (beginner, social, club, etc.).


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    Welcome Martlesham Bridge Club

    Welcome to a new member of the AtLAS Family. The Martlesham Bridge Club has become an AtLAS 'Associated' Club. That means it's an independent local club, but now linked with AtLAS; so we'll help promote the club to AtLAS members and the Adastral Park community in general.

    About the Club:

    We are a friendly group which meet every Wednesday evening at 7pm in the Martlesham Heath Pavilion. Whilst we are not affiliated to the EBU - English Bridge Union, we do follow their rules which sets the structure for playing the game but then allows us discretion to vary the speed of play and cater for all bridge players - whether beginners, improvers or advanced regulars.

    New members would be made most welcome, and offered any support during the game if needed.

    The evening fee is just £2.50 for around 3 hours playing bridge, which includes free tea and coffee making facilities The first evening for new members would be free.

    We wish to continue as a friendly group and also increase our numbers. Pairs can easily be accommodated, and any individuals wishing to play are advised to telephone us a day in advance so that we can try and arrange a partner for them.

    The evening fee is just £2.50 for around 3 hours playing bridge, which includes free tea and coffee making facilities The first evening for new members would be free.

    We wish to continue as a friendly group and also increase our numbers. Pairs can easily be accommodated, and any individuals wishing to play are advised to telephone us a day in advance so that we can try and arrange a partner for them.

    For more information please phone Joyce on 01473 727539 or send a message.

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    AtLAS Website Rebuild

    Following some unscheduled time offline, the AtLAS website was relaunched towards the end of November 2019.

    The rebuilt website has most of the previous features plus a new 'fresher' look.

    Why did we do this?

    • The previous website became badly infected with malware towards the end of September 2019. It made the site near unusable and potentially insecure, despite attempts to 'clean' the site.
    • We took a quick decision to close the old website and rebuild the site, using a new web hosting provider who offered extra security features, better performance and improved support. Importantly, our new provider runs a daily malware scan, to minimise the chance of any future attack/infection.

    Why did the rebuild take several weeks?

    • The website was built and is maintained with voluntary effort. It took some while to recreate the structure, content and features of the previous website.
    • Also all of the content was checked and updated, to make sure it was still accurate and the layout optimised. All email addresses previously shown have been replaced with custom contact forms, to protect people's work/personal emails accounts from spam/misuse.

    And now?

    • The website runs a lot faster; one of the benefits from the new hosting provider!
    • We decided to ask users to re-register for the rebuilt site (e.g. to use the Guest Pass form, order Cineworld vouchers, etc.) for security reasons.

    We're sorry for the weeks 'off the air' and any inconvenience, also for the need to re-register. Hopefully you will agree we now have brighter and better website though. Your feedback and suggestions for further improvements are always welcome - via our Contact Form (select Message For: 'Website Feedback').

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    AtLAS Lunchtime Walks

    Get into walking at lunchtime with AtLAS.

    We've devised three local lunchtime walks, to get you away from your desk and exploring the local area.

    The Details

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