Turning over a new page of AtLAS

For a long time, the AtLAS logo has been bright green on a dark blue background. It never really gave any clues about what AtLAS does or who it provides for. This is all changing today!  

Now, the logo will be brightly coloured on a plain white background. It now shows a few of the many sports and activities that AtLAS caters for on site. The logo includes the iconic Pegasus tower, which is a big recognisable feature of Adastral Park, both for employees, their families and visitors.  

There have been months of ongoing work to update the AtLAS website, make new posters, change the display screens in the Hub and write a new slogan to encompass everything that AtLAS does. Keep your eyes peeled for new AtLAS branding all around site.

The AtLAS committee would all like to say a really big thank you to Simon Gleen for all of his help with the graphic designing. It is safe to say that a lot of hard work goes into a complete rebranding like this and there have been many tweaks to make it perfect to showcase AtLAS. There are now brand-new leaflets, banners and of course, the AtLAS website is now refreshed.  

So, we hope you enjoy Sports Day and the new look of AtLAS, where work meets play!