Sports Massage at the Adastral Park Gym Fitness studio

From 23rd May, Jen Evans, Soft Tissue Therapist and Menopause Advisor will offer Sports Massage services at the Adastral Park Fitness studio.

About Jen

Jen brings to Adastral Park 6 years of experience of being a self-employed Soft Tissue Therapist.  A competitive runner for many years, Jen is an empathetic therapist who can easily relate to the needs and wants of clients not only to get back to functional daily activities, but to then also return to their sport.

Jen has serious injury and rehabilitation experience, as well as working with a local young dance group with injury support, diagnosis and rehabilitation as well as with weightlifters, cricketers, elite runners and squash players (among many other sports). Jen brings a variety of skills with her to Adastral Park, such as; Dry Cupping, Mysofascial Release, Kinesiology Taping and Medical Acupuncture.

Jen has also completed women’s health qualifications with reference to the menopause after identifying that many of her female clients were asking questions or had concerns; this has led Jen to be confident in talking to anyone about this topic and will also be happy to discuss this with employees in this safe space.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy

  1. Reduces pain and discomfort, restores normal function and therefore makes you more able to deal with the demands placed on us day to day. It aims to not only treat the symptoms you feel but work to resolve them and help prevent reoccurrences.
  2. Boosts endorphins levels (feel good hormones) and if we are left feeling physically improved our mental health automatically benefits.
  3. Increases Flexibility and Joint Range of Movement
  4. Relieves muscle spasms, tightness, pain & discomfort

Prices & Services

Consultation about perimenopause/menopause: £30.00

30 minutes massage & treatment – appropriate for certain cases: £20.00

  • These include post event muscle relaxation or specific targeted treatment areas, for example, lower back pain.
  • A small amount of time will be taken to get up to date on the issue and discuss any health or medication changes (longer if this is a first visit).
  • For these short sessions it would not be uncommon for Jen to suggest using a treatment tool; even though it may seem quick and reduced manual therapy time, the benefits from these tools is significant enough to prioritise the method.  An example of this would be to do some manual therapy on the requested site, followed by adding kinesiology tape for continued support and recovery once you have left the treatment room.

50 minute massage & treatment – appropriate for most cases: £30.00

  • These include where clients require regular maintenance treatments or where injuries cover a wider area of the body, for example both legs, or back and shoulders.
  • Time will be taken to get up to date on the issue (longer if it’s a first appointment), discuss any health or medication concerns before treatment, including the potential use of one or more treatment tools.

 Dates and Times 

  • Trial Period: 23rd May and 29th June, Tuesday and Thursday morning or afternoon
  • Regular Schedule: From July, depending on uptake of the trial period Jen will determine set weekly sessions.



To book in, please email Jen directly on  and she will allocate you a time within your chosen time frame, taking into considerations any requirements you have.  If you would like to know more about Soft Tissue Therapy & Menopause Advisor; Jen Evans, please visit her LinkedIn and Facebook pages.